We are helping Common Hope stop the spiral of poverty in Guatemala through education, health care, housing and family development

The families who walk through Common Hope’s doors often live in one-room houses made of cornstalk and scrap metal, with little or no access to education, medical care, clean water, or jobs with livable wages. These families have the ability and desire to improve their lives if given the chance. Common Hope provides the opportunities and tools for them to do so.

Our team believes in the mission of Common Hope and we will be travelling to Guatemala in February to assist them in building homes, working with the children and the families.

Part of our responsibility as volunteers for Common Hope is to raise $4,000 to support Common Hope's mission in Guatemala. This money does not pay for our expenses, 100% of your donation goes directly to Common Hope to benefit the kids of Guatemala. We pay our own room, board and travel expenses.

We know that our families and friends stand behind us, especially when we are doing something that brings smiles and a better life to others less fortunate than ourselves. So while we will be providing the "muscle" on this trip we ask for others to back it with the money it takes to build homes and strong communities.

We welcome your questions, please email us directly or visit the Common Hope website for more information at http://www.commonhope.org/about-us/.

Thank you!

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