Invest in what's possible for young adults with intellectual challenges. Donate, volunteer or support our new business - Super Simple Salsa

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No matter the age or ability of the person you care about with special needs, you must join the movement TODAY that is working to create sustainable options for your loved one’s future.

For sustainable change to occur, we must realize that even the most fragile citizens with cognitive challenges have enormous untapped capacity. Many of these folks don’t need expensive day “care.” They need community support and development opportunities that empower them to discover their gifts and talents and put them to use.

Healing Farms is a community-based organization that is proving that empowerment and development in the special needs community yields high benefits for everyone. Families get the support they need. Talents and strengths emerge among participants and hopelessness vanishes. Community perceptions change and opportunity emerges. Expensive “care” evolves into genuine relationships. This revolutionary approach to care is easier, less expensive, more effective and has far reaching community benefits.

Healing Farms has been at work proving this concept. We are now at a critical point in our organization where we need your financial support NOW to become an option the special needs community so desperately needs.

Hope for the future of our citizens with disabilities lies in the
hearts and actions of people who will invest in empowerment and the change it brings. Donate, volunteer or support our new business - Super Simple Salsa -

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