Know where rubber products come from? We're heading to Liberia for several weeks of filming to bring you the stories of the people involved.

At the end of this month, we'll be traveling to Liberia with acclaimed documentary filmmaker and photographer U Roberto (Robin) Romano. We're delighted by this opportunity and look forward to sharing the fantastic stories we gather there about the people within the supply chains of the products we buy and the lives they are living.

But as you might imagine, this is no small venture. On top of the round-trip international plane ticket, we're looking expenses like travel visas, insuring our film equipment, and buying medications to avoid getting malaria, on top of the usual food and lodging. Yes, the cost of bringing stories about human rights to you from around the world adds up, but it's worth every penny to raise awareness and better our planet. We invite you to consider being part of this exciting trip with p.h. balanced films! Donate today and get the INSIDER SCOOP during our trip.

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