From our hearts, acts of kindness create harmony~way of becoming Oneness~Differences are made for animals, humans, earth ~ Spirits in Unity.

Our story started some time ago... One dog; One Heart; Hayley, whose heart sang sweetly and unconditionally~ Hayley opened human hearts; she touched people with her beautiful eyes; her love, and unknown to her, she began such a magnificent legacy. Hayley guides us spiritually every day, and because her love made a difference in her momma's life, Dr. Joanne Lefebvre, she chose to keep Hayley's love and memories VIVID; she wanted to share the brilliance, the intensity of Hayley's gift she knew could make a difference in others' lives.

I am Cyndy Beranek (Weston). I've joined this most incredible journey...many more angel hearts have come through and touched us. Maykoe, Heidi, Maggie, Lady, Esmeralda, who have passed on, but because of their amazing, gentle, simple ~ unconditional love, we reach out to and for all animals, creatures; no matter how tiny, for our planet, and yes, humans. We believe working together~ Becoming Oneness!

Our marvelous animals and their glorious, kind being, gives us purpose. They will always be our strength, our direction, our reason for setting forth on this journey, and we promise not to turn back!

Our cause drives us each day to make a difference no matter how big or how small...Dr. Lefebvre and I do not say no or nor will we deny help to any beautiful being. The lives; the hearts, which are filled completely with unconditionally love and they look at us, with so much gentleness in their eyes; it is our greatest inspiration to face all challenges; obstacles, and move forward... NEVER backward! We see suffering, pain, trouble, chaos, destruction, abuse, over-populating due to neglect and irresponsible ownership, hurt, and we see humans intentionally being the source to these innocent animals' suffering.

It is no secret that our Earth is in serious trouble! She needs our help~needs our care! Just as animals need us, our Earth needs us too! We must take Earth, our home, and nurture it, be kind to it, care for it, love it, and give back. Being inspired by such a beautiful being, such as Hayley, and her unconditional love, to genuinely care for animals and make a difference in all animals' lives (as many as possible), we are inspired by this very love to make a difference in our planet's well-being! Earth is being polluted and over-populated; humans are taking over it. Sadly, humans have become greedy and pushed animals and nature aside for their own greed's way. Unfortunately, humans have become so busy in their daily lives that they haven't heard the sound of their own pets...perhaps the bark of their own dog just saying "hi" after not seeing their owner-parents all day or the birds outside a window of their busy office... or maybe noticing an animal crying in need of some help.

In the busy, crazy days of today's world, it is not easy to take time for yourself or your pets, wildlife, or nature hikes. If there is one purpose in this life... it is to love ~ be kind. Be kind to yourself, to one another, to animals, to nature, to wildlife, to your home, called, Earth, and believe in you...

We help because we care. We are kind. We love. Unfortunately, we cannot do it all on our own... there are far too many animals in need of care.

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  • health is poor

Joanne and Cyndy are two women who are committed to making a difference in as many lives as possible ~ We will bring harmony into our lives; loving our Earth and connecting with all lives we touch; no matter, "Making One Difference At a Time" we will bring Spirits Together... Unconditional love and kindness. Our Hearts, because We Care, Will Continue to Grow ~ With Every Act of Kindness... Our Love is Being Shared with Another ~ As our journey continues, we shall unite, also, one at a time.

Thank you so much for reading our story. Because you have read this and know alittle about us, we want to ~ "Thank you for becoming a part of our legacy"...

We Welcome YOU to our long, miraculous journey, and we are excited to hear from you! We are available for you; our animals, our planet and one another. Please contact us at anytime. Thank you for your help, contributions and/or donations that will be making such a wonderful, positive difference! (PLEASE know that ANY $ amount is appreciated. This site has a $10 min.) However! We put your hard-earned $0.01s toward helping just the same!...they addUp! Thanks again!

Joanne and Cyndy

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    From our hearts, acts of kindness create harmony~way of becoming Oneness~Differences are made for animals, humans, earth ~ Spirits in Unity.
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