Raising $ for KEEN SF by leading free bootcamps :) Feel free to share the link: http://bit.ly/HYZfundraising

I've been leading a weekly bootcamp for friends and friends of friends and it's always been free. It will continue to be free as I believe that if you want to get out there at 6:30 am and get one step closer to being a fitter, healthier human why not do it with friends or soon to be friends. Less friction = better chance of you getting your workout in. But if you want to not only get fitter but also want to contribute to something bigger than yourself, you get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by donating to a worthy cause each time you workout. The amount or how often you give makes no difference to me. Of course, the more money given, the more it helps :) I'm passionate about children and fitness. KEEN is an important cause to me because it brings those 2 things together; it helps kids with developmental disabilities enjoy fitness.

If you want to join a free workout, follow www.facebook.com/hyz4u :)

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