I am so blessed to have everything I really need and friends like you to share my life! So this year, instead of buying me a present from the store, please consider making a donation to a great cause. It's exactly what I want, you'll know it's the perfect size, and if I get the same present from somebody else, that's actually a good thing ;)

Each year Durihana puts on a retreat for NK brothers and sisters but it's mostly centered on the resettlement process for adults...the programming is not really geared toward youth.

This year, we're raising funds for a summer camp for North Korean teens - the first one we hope to have! Many of these teenagers have gone through very difficult journeys coming out of North Korea to bordering countries and finally to the US. Their journeys are characterized by significant personal/relational losses, unstable environments, and uncertainty.

We hope to provide a place for these youth to get to know others with similar stories, have a lot of fun together, and receive encouragement and inspiration for the future. Most of all we want them to know that they are loved and cared for. They are treasured and remembered in the eyes of God!

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    Durihana USA serves North Korean refugees who have resettled in the United States
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