International Medical Corps an organization dedicated to saving lives through the provision of health care & training to local populations

I went to Haiti in January this year a week after the earthquake. As a photographer I documented a lot of what happened and I realised there wasnt going to be a better time or opportunity to show my work and also help the people i had photographed. Being in Haiti for a month after the earthquake was a great experience and its incredible to see how well the people coped after such a tragedy. When you look at my picture of a girl with an amputated foot who is still smiling it makes you wonder where she gets her spirit from. Unfortunately, it wasnt, and still isnt, all happy faces. Many people are still homeless and basic health care needs are still hard to fulfil. Continued support for rebuilding efforts in Haiti is just as important as the initial response to the disaster was in January. This is why i would like to raise more money to help the people of Haiti get back on their feet, and not just survive but to develop and prosper too!

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