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The Conservative Yeshiva is a vibrant, open-minded, egalitarian community of committed Jews who learn, practice and grow together. Educational programs include the one-year program, Discover Jerusalem spring semester, advanced studies program, summer program, and Nativ Yeshiva Track. Celebrating a decade, Rabbi Mordechai Silverstein's haftarah commentary has succeeded in culling the Midrashim and other rabbinic teachings of our tradition to add insight to the beautiful words of Haftarot designated for our synagogue services. We all have benefited from his scholarship and we look forward to continuing our studies with him each week. We hope that you will help us celebrate a decade of this valuable contribution to synagogue life and mark it by sending a special contribution this year to help maintain this service. All contributions will be helpful and sincerely appreciated, but it would be wonderful if you could become a guardian for a contribution of $5000 or help underwrite this commentary with contributions of $1000 or more; or become a Special Friend by donating $500 or more; or become a Friend for $250 or more. We take great pride in recognizing these categories of giving in each week’s commentary. The Haftarah Commentary may be viewed at: www.uscj.org.il/haftarahArchive.php

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