A grassroots movement of students helping Jews find their place in Judaism and the Jewish community - on college campuses around the country

Even with amazing facilities and resources available on many campuses, the majority of Jewish students in college aren't Jewishly involved. They're not going to Hillel, not coming to Chabad, and not celebrating Shabbat. Maybe it's the institutionalization, maybe it's the overwhelmingness, maybe it's the plethora of other appealing options - but they (and the Jewish future) need a new approach.

Heart to Heart is the new approach - students who live and breathe Judaism reaching out to their peers, on a grassroots, peer-to-peer level. Celebrating initimate Shabbat dinners together in the dorms, learning b'chavruta (one-on-one), it's really about creating real relationships and helping everyone find their place in their Jewish community. We're already reached thousands of students in a meaningful and sustainable way - help us do even more, and secure the Jewish future for us all!

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