This year, B3 is traveling to Guyana to help people in need! My target is to raise $2,600 by November! Thank you for donating.

This February, I'm traveling with Builders Beyond Borders to Guyana. Specifically, we are traveling to Festival City. Festival City, as its name suggests, is the original home of to one of the most famous and celebrated festivals in the Carribeans, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, or Carifesta. (Even though Guyana is physically located in South America, it is considered part of the Carribean community).

Even though the city doesn't sound very impoverished, the residents of Festival City are struggling. 50% of the population is unemployed and 43% of the ccountry is under the poverty line.

Festival City has many needs; the most pressing being the need for a place for the community to for meetings, clinics, sporting, classes, cultural events, and training. In the past, B3 has built schools, houses, aquiducts, bridges, etc...

By November 15th, I must have raised at least $2,600. All of this money will be directly put into my account so I can help people in Guyana. By donating to me, you are helping me help the residents of Festival City. Any amount of money is appreciated; every dollar helps. Thank you!

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