Dear friends and family:

This is my first year being involved in Builders Beyond Borders, a non-secretarian organization which provides high school students with the opportunity to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their awareness of diverse cultures, and develop a lifelong commitment to helping others by participating in construction projects to benefit impoverished communities throughout the world.

This year my team the Trabajueños will be working in Wakapau. Wakapau is a small community made up of some 38 smaller 
islands in the Northwest part of Guyana in an area known as Pomeroon-Supenaam Region. Wakapau is an Amerindian 
community that is considered to be one of the best examples of Amerindian heritage that has not only preserved the traditional Arawak culture, but also retained its tribal language. Along with Builders Beyond Borders, a US Peace Corps volunteer and the village leader we will build several “sand bridges” connecting three islands and will be roughly 139 rods (almost 1700 feet) and made with wood locally logged and milled and sand from nearby islands. As well as building bridges we will also be constructing a small community center on the island of Wypacua which will be a multi purpose facility that will be used for literacy and health related issues training as well as after school tutoring and other village activities and events.

I am so excited to be going on this trip. This summer I went on a community service trip to Costa Rica and the bonds I made with the local children will stay with me forever. It means a lot to me to go on a trip like this to help improve the lives of people living in hardship.

Thank you in advance for supporting my efforts for this whole worthwhile project.


Charlotte Caccamise

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