Working to make Minnesota’s economy simultaneously more prosperous and fair.

Growth & Justice is a research and advocacy organization that develops innovative public policy proposals based on independent research and civic engagement. We believe when Minnesota makes smart investments in practical solutions it leads to broader prosperity for all.

For more than a decade we have been setting Minnesota’s progressive agenda by uniting people around one simple philosophy: a robust state economy with widespread economic opportunity leads to a higher quality of life and greater economic justice.

Our vision for Minnesota

  • Business and job growth is strong and steady
  • Economic justice is improving
  • All our children are getting a stronger start in life
  • We are better connected to jobs and other destinations
  • Our economy and environment are clean
  • We lead healthier lives in sustainable communities

Growth & Justice works to achieve its vision for Minnesota by looking at potential solutions through a nonpartisan lens and making recommendations to policymakers, community leaders and citizens. These recommendations focus on making smart investments where they matters most, with strategies that are proven and cost effective, and are funded sufficiently with revenue that has been raised fairly.

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