I'm swimming 10 km at the 4th annual Swim for Them in support of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund! Help me help them find the cure to Alzheimer's.

On Saturday, September 14, I will swim 10 km at the fourth annual Swim for Them in support of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. 440 pool lengths will get me to just over 10 km in about four hours of swimming.

Alzheimer's Disease currently affects 11% of adults over 65, and 32% of adults over 85. That's 5 million people in the US alone. The disease costs over $400 billion annually in paid and caregiver care. But as sobering as those statistics are, they're not what drive me. My Granny has Alzheimer's, and I'm swimming in honor of her. I have seen the glimmer in her eye dim steadily over the past few years, and I'm driven to do my part in bringing and end to this ruinous disease.

The Cure Alzheimer's Fund supports breakthrough, treatment-focused research. They're making big bets and realizing gains. We know much more about the pathology and risk factors than we did 10 years ago, but we're still working toward the cure.

Will you please consider supporting my swim? Donating through Razoo is easy, secure, and tax-deductible. I sincerely appreciate your consideration.

-Greg Wellman

PS: The latest Swim for Them news is always posted at www.swimforthem.org. To keep up with the fun we're having, become a fan on Facebook. If you're nearby on September 14, drop by the brand new Kingsport Aquatic Center to check out the big swim and cheer us on!

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