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In 2010, I was rushed to the Emergency Room in an Ambulance after collapsing on the hardwood floor during a basketball game with some friends. My heart had stopped very briefly, and when it restarted it was beating at over 300 beats per minute. That December, I had surgery at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC to correct the problem. I had been diagnosed with SupraVentricular Tachycardia, which was caused by a birth defect in my heart’s Atria. Thanks to modern research and technology I have made a complete recovery and feel better than ever! This experience reinforced my love for life and my desire to continuously add value to my life and the lives of others. Shortly after, I decided to quit my job and walk the Appalachian Trail. I leveraged this opportunity to raise money and awareness for the Children's Heart Foundation through my Hike 4 Heart Journey. After 6 months of hiking and 2,181 miles, I completed my journey on October, 5th 2011 and raised over $5,000. My thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail is over, but my dedication to give back to a community that has already given me so much is only a start. After a great talk with John, we found a new opportunity through our shared love of running to create a friendly competition for a good cause. We hope to motivate you and many others to include exercise into your daily routine and ultimately reduce the number of people affected by a preventable heart disease.

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