Gold Rush Cure Foundation raises vitally needed public awareness and funding for research to eradicate childhood cancer.

Up until May 2006 our son Christian was a normal healthy kid just like any other. In many ways were were an ordinary family. All of that changed when our family was introduced to the cancer world. Christian was diagnosed with a rare form of ALL Leukemia the day after his 13th Brithday. Christian had been exceptionally healthy his entire life with perfect attendance (or close to it) every year of school, so the diagnosis of Leukemia came as such a total shock.

Christian’s first BMT was done with his brother Garrett as the donor. His cancer was so aggressive that he relapsed less than 2 months after we arrived home from Seattle in December 2006. We were able to get Christian in remission and were fortunate enough to find a non-related match for another transplant. His second transplant was done in June 2007. Throughout his entire treatment Christian never complained and did everything the the Doctors asked him to do. Christian passed away on 12/29/07 with our family at his side. He endured 20 months of aggressive treatment,2 Bone Marrow Transplants,3 relapses,16 of the months were spent inpatient in the hospital.

Christian’s battle with childhood cancer has inspired us to take up the fight on behalf of other kids who have been diagnosed with cancer. We are comitted to raising viatlly needed funding for research and raising awareness for childhoos cancer. Please join us in this fight!

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