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Make a gift today to support our U.S. athletes in Venice. Choose a suggested amount below & we will send our thanks plus a special bonus.

Everyone knows about the Olympic Games. But this year another international competition is taking place where countries will send their best and brightest stars to face off. It will unite athletes and artists in a display of national identity. This competition is the Venice Biennale, and it doesn’t take place on the track or in a pool.

You can Go for the Gold today! Your gift will go directly to support our athletes performing in Venice as a part of this exciting project. Find out more about the IMA and the Venice Biennale at

Not comfortable donating online? Send us your contribution! Simply write “Go for the Gold Campaign” on the memo line of your check and mail to: Indianapolis Museum of Art, Development Office, 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46208.

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