Your GIVING is causing many people here in Scotland to have their 1st EVER real life "God Encounter!" Thank You for making this happen!

God called Eric & Joanie Jarrett separately in 2000 to leave their home church of 15 years where Eric was Associate Pastor. Not knowing where in the world (literally!) we were going, we began to seek God. After miraculous confirmations, Scotland was hand picked by our Father. Our focus has been it's capital, Edinburgh since our arrival in October, 2002.

Since then, we have seen God's power touch individuals from all walks of live in every imaginable location:

  • Streets
  • Churches
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Trains
  • Cafes
  • Buses
  • Parks

Wherever we go, we realize it is not mental conversation that peaks interest about Jesus, but His Presence released through us in the most daring and simplest of ways is causing people here in Scotland to realize they have just had a real life GOD ENCOUNTER!

For any Missions Work to be successful, there are 3 individuals responsibile:

  1. God who Calls
  2. Someone who Goes
  3. Someone who Sends

Consider becoming one of our Monthly Partners today:

  • $30 Bronze Partner
  • $100 Silver Partner
  • 250 Gold Partner
  • $500 Platinum Partner

Your giving is making a huge difference here in Edinburgh! Your Missionaries in Edinburgh,

The Jarrett's

Eric, Joanie, Caleb, David

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