GlobeMed at UT Austin partners with Clinica Ana Manganaro in El Salvador to support the right to holistic health of the entire community.

Who We Are // GlobeMed at UT Austin

Founded in 2010, GlobeMed at The University of Texas has continued to grow and evolve in partnership with Clinica Ana Manganaro in Guarjila, El Salvador. Together, we are working to improve the clinic's capacity for treating patients and increase health educational opportunities for Guarjila and surrounding municipalities.

Our partner // Clinica Ana Manganaro

Clinica Ana Manganaro is a general health care clinic serving rural communities in and around Guarjila, El Salvador. Sr. Ana Manganaro and Father Jon Cortina founded the clinic in 1990 to serve the refugee community following the Salvadoran civil war. In conjunction with general care, the clinic also houses a number of specialists including a gynecologist, internal medicine practitioner, pediatrician, nutritionist, physical therapist, psychologist, and massage therapist. Health care provided by Clinica Ana Manganaro is completely free, per the government's current health care initiatives. Patients who seek care at Clinica Ana Manganaro and outreach clinics receive cost free care, lab tests, and prescriptions. GlobeMed at the University of Texas works in collaboration with the Clinic to expand capacity and quality of care by funding sustainable infrastructure projects. Since 2010, GlobeMed at the University of Texas has raised over $45,000 for Clinica Ana Manganaro's expansion. This year, our partnership transitions beyond the clinic grounds to impact neighboring municipalities. Communities beyond Guarjila have historically received care at Clinica Ana Manganaro's outreach facilities. One facility in particular in Guancora, El Salvador lacks proper sanitation standards, lacks running water, and has bats inhabiting the structure. GlobeMed at the University of Texas aims to raise $15,000 to reconstruct this outreach clinic with essential features such as running water and electricity.

Our project // $15,000 to Renovate a Community Outreach Clinic

GlobeMed at UT Austin will fund the reconstruction of a community outreach care clinic in Guancora, El Salvador. This satellite facility is visited by neighboring municipalities and health care is provided by Health Promoters from Clinica Ana Manganaro. There is one heath promoter stationed at this facility, and once a week the doctors travel to this location to provide pre-natal care, vaccinations, and specialized care. The reconstruction will include:

-Latrine with appropriate drainage
-Perimeter Fence
-Elevated Water Tank
-Electrical Connections
-Clinic Structure

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