GlobeMed at UNC partners with Raising the Village in Uganda to support the recovery and empowerment of Ugandan communities.

Who We Are // GlobeMed at UNC

Founded in 2008, GlobeMed at UNC – Chapel Hill has worked with Health – Alert Uganda (HA-U) for the past five years. Over this time period, GlobeMed at UNC-Chapel Hill raised over $30,000 and sent 18 interns to Uganda to work alongside HA-U. Through this partnership GlobeMed at UNC and Health – Alert Uganda have provided support to numerous children and families in northern Uganda infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2013, GlobeMed at UNC – Chapel Hill was re-partnered with Raising The Village, also based in Uganda. Raising the Village provides critical tools, training and infrastructure to villages living in extreme poverty in Uganda.

Our Partner // Raising the Village in Uganda

While UNC –Chapel Hill has been part of the GlobeMed network for more than five years, this marks the first year that we will be partnered with Raising the Village! Raising the Village is a nonprofit organization that partners with some of the most remote and impoverished villages in Africa to ensure they have access to all basic human rights, including access to clean water, education, healthcare, nutrition, and income generation. They provide much-needed training and infrastructure to empower local leaders and to enable villages to pull themselves out of extreme poverty forever. They have been able to support thousands of people in Uganda by focusing on the community rather than the individual, and by providing sustainable solutions to ensure that the community can thrive on its own and determine its own future.

Raising The Village currently operates in ten villages across Uganda. Partner villages are selected based on need, readiness for entering into a partnership, participation and commitment from the community, and presence of strong leadership. In RTV’s partner villages, households of 6 or 7 people typically live below 50 cents a day and there are no other service providers in the area to provide support. RTV’s innovative and holistic approach to recovery has led to projects such as the provision of bicycle ambulances and distribution of reusable feminine hygiene kits. In collaboration with RTV, GlobeMed at UNC aims to raise funds to support these recovery projects. In addition, we hope to increase campus awareness of extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and enable students to take action and become part of the solution.

Our Project // $11,000 to contribute to the development work in one new partner village in Uganda

Raising The Village (RTV) takes a community-based approach to its work rather than focusing on the individual, and its solutions are always sustainable to ensure the community can thrive on its own rather than depending on others long-term. In 2014, RTV plans on entering into partnership with 6 new villages for a total of 16 partner villages. RTV works primarily in two districts: Kisoro district in the Southwestern corner of Uganda, near the borders of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, and Buyende district, formerly part of centrally-located Kamuli district. On the surface, RTV’s partner villages are vastly different with their own very unique set of challenges. What they do share, however, is the will of the entire community to help themselves, to find a way to identify meaningful solutions to enable individuals to move beyond mere survival and to begin making choices for their futures. A typical partner village of 500-1000 people costs approximately $25,000 on average, therefore GlobeMed’s contribution will go a long way to providing support to some of the most marginalized people on the planet. Typically, a village will need support in 3-5 of our key impact areas of water & sanitation, healthcare, nutrition, income generation, and education.

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