GlobeMed at Princeton partners with Medical AIDS Outreach to support the fight against the HIV epidemic of the rural, southern United States

Who We Are // GlobeMed at Princeton

Founded in 2010, GlobeMed at Princeton works with Medical AIDS Outreach in Montgomery, Alabama. Together, they work to establish and develop a high-tech solution to America’s need for healthcare. Developing a network of telemedicine clinics that will connect HIV patients throughout rural Alabama to medical experts based in Alabama’s urban centers helps ensure that the state’s rural residents will have the access to care that they need. This cutting edge telemedicine network, upon successful implementation, has the potential to serve as the model for the future of rural healthcare in America.

Our Partner // Medical AIDS Outreach

The Medical AIDS Outreach, Inc. (MAO), a private, non-profit, community-based AIDS service organization covering 26 counties of South Central Alabama. Since its establishment in 1987, it has provided HIV treatment, education, and outreach. MAO covers about a third of Alabama’s geography, most of which are very poor and rural counties. About half of their patients are uninsured and about 70% are minorities. With currently over 17,500 people in Alabama living with HIV/AIDS and a woeful short of primary care physicians, Alabama needs at least 402 more primary care physicians—strategically placed in rural and low-income areas—to achieve an ideal ratio of patients to doctors (Alabama Department of Public Health). HIV providers are even more difficult to recruit.

MAO is currently embarking on a bold mission to increase the access to specialized HIV health care for rural Alabama residents in the form of several telemedicine clinics strategically placed throughout rural Alabama. MAO has been selected as the national pilot site for this cutting edge project that has the potential to make medical history and change the face of rural health care in Alabama. Telemedicine clinics will connect rural Alabama residents with medical experts based in urban Alabama, a high-tech solution to the problem of limited HIV providers in Alabama. This project is addressing a critical need both practically and efficiently.

Our Project - $4,000 for telemedicine clinics for HIV/AIDS patients in rural South

GlobeMed at Princeton supports Alabama eHealth: Access to Care Initiative, a project that constructs and implements cutting edge telemedicine clinics throughout rural Alabama. These clinics provide many rural residents much-needed access to HIV/AIDS medical care.

Together, we can help Alabama set the national standard in access to healthcare.

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