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GlobeMed at UMKC partners with Kabwohe Clinical Research Center in Bushenyi, Uganda to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Who We Are // GlobeMed at UMKC

GlobeMed at UMKC is a student led organization that partners with Kabwohe Clinical Research Center, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Bushenyi, Uganda. Through this partnership we attempt to raise funds for sustainable public health programs in the community surrounding our partner and raise awareness about AIDS and malnutrition here in the United States. To date, we've raised over $10,000 for seedlings for GROW gardens and over 50 goats as part of a micro-financing project. These projects have an even greater impact as they are self-sustainable and community owned. The powerful aspect of this partnership, however, is that we are advancing health equity by partnering with our friends in Uganda, and working with them to find solutions to our problems. This furthers our solidarity, and builds a better partnership as we move forward into a better future.

Our Partner // Kabwohe Clinical Research Center (KCRC) in Bushenyi, Uganda

The Kabwohe Clinical Research Center (KCRC) is an HIV/AIDS clinic in the Bushenyi district in southern Uganda. The clinic provides comprehensive HIV treatment, education, and screening for members of the local community surrounding the clinic. This includes checking cell counts, providing antibiotics for obtained infections, and screening for progress of the disease.

KCRC also provides health education to school age children.In collaboration with the Bushenyi Medical Center (BMC), they have developed a unique low cost health pre-payment scheme for students in both boarding and primary schools called School Health Made Easy Scheme. Currently this plan has over 5,000 students and staff enrolled and local programs have increased compliance with medications by 95%.

Our Project // $8000 for GROW gardens and a Goat/Pig Micro-finance Program for 64 families

GlobeMed at UMKC is currently raising funds for the second round of GROW gardens as well as a pig and goat microfinance program in Bushenyi, Uganda. The project will supply communities afflicted with HIV/AIDS with livestock, providing additional nutrition and income to families in need. Adequate nutrition is extremely important for patients infected with HIV, especially children, so that they can absorb their oral medications. Goat meat and milk is highly nutritious, and the income that goat offpsring, meat, and milk generate can support food, health, and education costs.

The program will begin by providing 1-2 goats or pigs for a family, building additional penning areas, and temporarily will pay for veterinary and agriculture consultations. In addition, seedlings will be distributed to the beneficiaries to yield crops that will supplement the diet of the family. The seedlings will yield irish potatoes, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, and carrots. As the livestock mature and produce offspring, the young goats will begin to be distributed throughout the community until each family has at least one goat each. Both projects will provide additional financial and nutritional support to children and adults infected with HIV and help in some small way ease the burden this disease can bring to an individual or family.

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GlobeMed partners university students with grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of people living in poverty.

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