Help and Deliver Low-Cost Computers to San Francisco Schools and Classrooms.

GiveBIG! is an effort by the San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group and that aims to address the growing digital divide in San Francisco schools and community centers. Together, sfBIG and CfC are working in close partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) on this important initiative.

Our Challenge:

Here in the Bay Area, the heart of technology innovation, most of us enjoy access to the very latest, cutting-edge technology and equipment. However, that’s not the case for everyone in our community, especially kids in our Bay Area public schools and low-income neighborhoods.

SFUSD faces a never-ending challenge* in trying to maintain its network of over 60,000 aging and out-dated computers. While the District has made some great strides recently with completion of its new fiber optic network, they still desperately need computers. The level of frustration and despair is high in our schools. Even just a handful of machines can make a big difference in the right place. *Read more about SFUSD'S challenge as reported by SF Examiner.

The Solution:

ComputersforClassrooms is ready to help with thousands of like-new machines for SFUSD. CfC is a nonprofit organization started in 1992 whose sole mission is to provide low-cost refurbished computers to schools in need and low-income families. Funding provided by sfBIG members and friends can make this happen.

Donate today and help fund this need!

  • A donation of $150 can provide a like-new computer to a San Francisco classroom.
  • Any amount you can donate will help.
  • 97.1% of the amount you donate will go directly to CfC and San Francisco Schools for this cause.
  • 2.9% of your donation made through this site is retained by
  • Donation confirmation letters are provided directly to donors by and

To make a direct donation, a corporate grant or corporate matching donation,
please contact or directly for additional information.

Let's all Give BIG! and help our Bay Area kids and schools.
With proper funding and donations, there is no limit to what we can do!

Thanks for your support, and

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