By donating the cost of just one coffee a week, we can educate girls in Afghanistan.

I sat at my favourite cafe this morning, peaceful and safe, enjoying a coffee bought with my own money, earned with my own career, achieved due to my education and opportunities.

It occurred to me how incredibly lucky I am.

As I sat there I was reading all the bad news going on in the world. It felt wrong - I know that most people in the world are filled with a strong and positive urge to do good and help others.

I realised how easy it would be to help girls in some of the most war-torn and disadvantaged places get at least some help towards an education. I found Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation. Razia Jan founded and is funding Zabuli Education Center, a school for girls within walking distance of 7 villages, just north of Kabul. Her work is truly inspirational. Check out her website at

I am donating the cost of just one coffee a week and encourage you to do the same. Just $300 educates a girl for a year. Let's educate as many as we can. You can donate whatever amount you like. $18 a month covers a coffee a week - but anything you can give will do enormous good. Thank you!

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