GIRLS WHO ROCK is a concert fundraiser for She's the First. Music is universal -- education should be too. Help us sponsor girls in India!

Every Dollar is Matched By an Anonymous Donor! If we can raise $5,000 here, it will turn into $10,000 -- which would sponsor 6.25 years worth of girls' education at Shanti Bhavan in India!

BONUS GIFT FOR YOU: All online donors will receive a free MP3 recording of the official GIRLS WHO ROCK 2012 theme song, "Here Comes the Light," written and recorded by teen girls of Brooklyn's Park Slope Rock School. The song is dedicated to their peers in India & was performed on stage at Gramercy Theatre! We'll email it to you. ___________________________________________________________________________________

You can donate in honor of a "girl who rocks" & be part of the impact from our GIRLS WHO ROCK campaign this May 2012! Your donation will help us sponsor 15 girls at the Shanti Bhavan School in India.

**100% of donations go directly to girls' sponsorships and are tax deductible!**


  • On May 18th at Gramercy Theatre during Internet Week New York, the third annual GIRLS WHO ROCK concert fundraiser combined a love of music and tech for social good.
  • The concert starred Haley Reinhart, Sarah Gregory, Jessica Latshaw, Shin-B and The Jane Doze.
  • Thanks to title sponsor, 100% of tickets & your donations go directly to girls' sponsorships--not a penny to concert production!


She's the First is a proud partner of Shanti Bhavan, which provides children of the poorest families a world-class education so they can aspire to careers and professions of their choice. These funds will sponsor 15 girls, enabling them to be "first" in their family to graduate. The UN has named India the most dangeous place to be born a girl. However, we can turn scary statistics into success stories for these 15 girls.


We challenge the online community to raise $5,000 toward the overall goal of $50,000 -- which is double the amount GIRLS WHO ROCK raised, for students in Tanzania and Uganda, in 2010 and 2011. Ambitious? Yes. Can we do it? YES!


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