Helping girls and women empower themselves through music since 2009.

Imagine yourself on stage holding an instrument you picked up only 5 days ago, performing a song you wrote with your brand new band in front of 500 cheering fans. What an accomplishment!

Now imagine the power of being able to conjure that image any time you face a challenge in your life: “I accomplished that… so I can do this, too!”

Over the last 5 years, hundreds of girls and women in Rhode Island have had the experience of learning their power through music-- with your support. You helped Girls Rock! Rhode Island grow from an idea into an organization with a proven track record and a bright future.

We just completed a major milestone, our 5 year strategic plan. With your input, we drew on the wisdom amassed in the last 5 years to create a vision of how the next 5 years can really rock. We honed mission, vision, and values to reflect our shared dreams and ethics.

What is most exciting about this plan is that it lays out a clear path to make Girls Rock! Rhode Island a sustainable organization. We are committed to continuing to deepen our programming as we expand our audience and participants into the next 5 years. Your support is crucial to make this plan happen.

Your support will help us achieve the major goals of our strategic plan together:

1) We will reach more girls and women with intensive, continuous, and in-depth programming.

2) We will build strong organizational systems to create a sustainable and powerful structure for Girls Rock! Rhode Island.

The girls and women of RI need YOU to support Girls Rock! Rhode Island so that rock ‘n’ roll (or whatever type of music moves them) is here to stay!

Your tax-deductible donation can be made in whatever amount is meaningful to you. You can give one time, or with a sustaining plan, give throughout the year.

Thank you for giving girls and women the tools to take center stage and thrive!



The Staff and Board of Girls Rock! Rhode Island

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