Let's try to sponsor 20 low-income girls here in our community to experience "College for a DAY" - wearing Wellesley College T-Shirts!

Many kids "know" growing up that they will be going to college - but there are many girls growing up right around here who have no idea that college is a possiblity for them. Reach Potential's Dream4College Project provides a clear vision to low income fifth and sixth grade students of what their future can look like by empowering them to experience “College for a Day” at nearby Stanford.

We need friends to come together to sponsor our 200 students so that they may receive a...

1. Field trip to experience “College for a Day” at Stanford

2. College T-shirt from their sponsor’s alma mater to foster a college-going identity

3. Help on their College Exploration Research Project

4. Parent Program on the Stanford trip for 1st Generation-to-College families

If you’d like…designate your alma mater or any college in the “in Honor of” field and we’ll purchase a T-shirt in honor of the college you indicate.

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