This holiday season help us build social enterprise with student power & technology tools.

Today, optimistic undergraduates at the Global Information Internship Program (GIIP, pronounced 'jeep') are energetically working toward empowering some of the world’s most marginalized groups. With the univercity system in crisis, it is even more important that our program raise independent funding. You can help. Your past generosity and commitment to GIIP has led to 10+ successful years of this student-led program working to democratize globalization and support civic participation world wide. This year alone, GIIP students have worked in Fresno, Washington DC, Minneapolis, Northern Nigeria, Ethiopia, and India, to carryout projects teaching web design and blogging, mobile applications, building databases, and video as ways to enhance community communication & participation.

GIIP faces new challenges...

GIIP now manages an honors major/minor at UCSC called Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies and PUEDE, a program focused on latino digital literacy education in Watsonville. However, the growing number of students thriving in the GIIP program cannot be supported due to the massive budget cuts facing UCSC. In response to the dramatic financial cuts to the UC system, and a massive tuition increase, GIIP students at UC Santa Cruz are continuing our history of student-led fundraising on campus. The goal is $40,000, which will allow us to fund additional technical teaching resources, student projects, and more post-graduation fellowship opportunities.

Help GIIP grow...

Additionally, please help GIIP grow its base of supporters by suggesting a few friends or associates you believe may be interested in GIIP’s mission to use modern technology for social change. We will keep them, and you, informed on GIIP’s latest accomplishments. Thank you for your generosity!

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