We are raising funds to send DinoMights students to Camp! It costs about $300 per student.

UPDATE: I'll sweeten the pot. The Snowsuit 10K is going so well, I just have to borrow the idea.

For every donation made before Friday April 29, I'll a wear a piece of hockey equipment in the race. I'll post pictures with Matt W. in his Snowsuit. This summer we'll post pictures of the awesome kids you are sending to camp!

2 Donations: Jersey (That's where we are at right now)

3: Elbow Pads

4: Shoulder Pads

5: Helmet

6: Gloves

7: Breezers (ugh, this will be uncomfortable, but it's for the kids!)

8: Hockey Socks

9: Shin guards

In deep winter students will be asking about when they will get to go swimming this summer. Camp is a place where some of the greatest memories are formed, and also where lives are truly shaped for eternity. Please help us out by making a gift to help kids go to camp.

In order to show my support for our campers, I'll be running the Get In Gear 10K. The challenge helps me to remember how important the cause actually is. Together we can meet this challenge of sending kids to camp!

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