We're trying to fund IMALive.org crisis chat service 24-7 to ensure that people ideating about suicide can talk.

Two years ago, we (Olivier Blanchard, Margie Clayman and Geoff Livingston) we lost a good online friend, Trey Pennington. The level of shock and mourning online was unprecedented in our blogging community, and there was good reason for that. Trey was one of the most encouraging, kind people on the interwebs. He benefited many people’s lives online, ours included.

We each blogged about it, you can read our posts here respectively; Olivier, Margie, and Geoff's stories.

To make a difference for folks like Trey, who are considering ending their lives, we're trying to fund IMALive.org crisis chat service. Currently, the IMAlive chat service and hotline is available to people most hours of the day, but to become truly effective we need to become available every hour of every day. If successful, our IMAlive 24-7 Giving Challenge will make the chat service available every hour of every day through August, 2014!

Any donation received during National Suicide Prevention Week (September 8-14) will count towards the IMAlive 24-7 giving event.

Suicide can be a moment of terror. In their desperation many potential victims can be talked off the proverbial ledge by an IMAlive volunteer. IMAlive volunteers have saved thousands of lives by simply helping them through the moment.

Please help us make a difference! IMAlive is honoring donations:

donors will win awards for individual contributions of certain levels. Included are:

  • $25 Deck of Suicide Prevention Playing Cards
  • $50 KBHC Gift Pack (Deck of cards, UV Sunglasses, Stress Ball, Frisbee Flyer, Blue October Tee Shirt)
  • $100 Frank Warren Signed Galley Page, free eBook of Geoff Livingston’s novel Exodus
  • $500 Autographed Journey T-Shirt
  • $1000 Complete autographed Frank Warren book set

Individual teams may provide their own awards to donors. Please join us, have fun, and save some lives.

We all add a complete Blanchard/Livingston book set for anyone who donates $250 or more.

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