Khadarlis is dedicated to working with communities, children and families to alleviate poverty and social inequality worldwide.

Niños del Lago is a unique non-profit youth development organization located in Guatemala, South America, dedicated to inspiring and empowering children to fulfill their potential and become positive, productive members of their communities. Guatemala is rife with poverty and social discord, affecting Guatemalan children most. Half the children in Guatemala suffer from malnutrition, stunting growth and lowering IQ scores. Accordingly, education is often impossible, but even among those that have the opportunity to attend school, education is not prioritized. This problem is most salient among native children, who average four years of schooling overall. Niños Del Lago and Khadarlis will provide children with an engaging camp experience to help develop their sense of identity and social skills while encouraging them to stay in school. Your compassionate donation ensures Guatemalan Orphans and forgotten children a chance to break the cycle of poverty. We are confident that these steps will affect a significant change on Guatemalan society, and with your donation, you will be in part responsible for this positive influence. Thank you for your generosity.

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