I'm not a runner, but I'm committed to raisng money for childhood cancer research. I ran in last year's Team Gold Rush Cure and had a great time running for a cause. I am running in the 2013 Surf City Half Marathon with Team Gold Rush Cure.

May 2006, my oldest son Christian was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia the day after turning 13. The following 20 months, Christian had to endure over 16 months in the hospital, isolation, tons of chemo, total body radiation, 2 bone marrow transplants, 3 relapses of his cancer, several surgeries, daily nausea and vomiting, dozens of 'procedures' requiring sedation, hundreds of IV meds and transfusions, severe hemorrhaging, graft verses host disease and liver failure. After all that, Christian died at the age of 14-1/2 just before New Years 2008. Christian didn't die from his cancer, but from his toxic treatment. There has only been ONE new pediatric cancer drug in over 20 years! Children are being treated with archaic chemo drugs that are SO toxic to their bodies! They need our help in improving awareness and bettering the treatment available to them.

Christian's faith in God and his courage in fighting cancer was awe inspiring. I am using his memory as my inspiration to advance the cause of building awareness and funding for childhood cancer. I am honored to be the voice of all kids with cancer both locally and in Washington DC through Gold Rush Cure Foundation. They fight so hard to live, and deserve the tools to win.

Christian took everything that was asked of him and didn't complain. He is my inspiration and hero forever. I am running to honor him and all children affected with cancer.

"A healthy child has many wishes! A sick child has one!"



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