Running 26.2 miles in the Boston Marathon to Help Children with Disabilities!

I am on my way to training for the one and the only Boston Marathon! I am training with Team Camp Shriver and things are going great.

I remember the feeling of awe I had one Monday in April 1994, when at around 8 a.m., Beth Ball and I went to a raging kegger hosted by some surly BC students on Commonwealth Avenue and we watched the runners and the wheelchair participants run and roll their way to the finish line. A few years later, on the cusp of 40, I ran the Baltimore Marathon in a successful effort to defy my mortality.

As many of you know, inspired by the Shrivers, I have been very involved in helping to raise money for children with disabilities, especially those that focus on inclusion, like Camp Shriver. I want to make sure kids can always participate as an equal wherever they go! By committing to run Boston, I have pledged to raise at least $4,000 by April 15th.

I am running for all of those children who are rejected by peers in the classroom and who need structured programs like Camp Shriver so they can play and learn as equals. And it will be nice to run THE Boston marathon, in the home of Kennedys, clam chowder, the Redmonds, Ben Affleck and Aerosmith.

So many kids in Camp Shriver have intellectual disabilities that make it diificult for them to understand how to become part of a group. They lack an understanding of basic social cues and the language to express their desire to join. Camp Shriver works with such kids to help them develop positive peer relationships; counselors help make connections with teammates during lunch and coaches demonstrate how to play together during inclusive sport instruction.

Quite simply, the environment creates and fosters friendships.

At Camp Shriver, kids have the support he needed to develop and practice social skills and build friendships, skills they will take into the school year and beyond.

My kids, Oliver and Vivian, are so blessed. They play on teams and excel and make friends easily. I want to make sure all children have a chance to be included, to make friends, and to be accepted by peers wherever they go!

I hope you support me in this effort to run 26.2 miles and raise funds for this great cause!

Go Team Camp Shriver!

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