Help fund the Museum's Junior Docent Program

Help fund the Museum's Junior Docent Program.

Gadsby’s Tavern Museum is proud to work with the next generation of historians!

The Junior Docent Program trains students in grades 4-6 to give tours and aid in museum events, including several days a year when the Junior Docents “take over the tavern” like Family Day. On days like this, a student is stationed in each room of the museum while tour groups move from place to place, giving each Junior Docent a chance to participate in educating museum visitors.

Junior Docent Catherine was excited to take on the responsibility that the program brings. “I like feeling like I’m the one who’s teaching someone – I know this!” This kind of excitement to share information is what the program is all about – encouraging intellectual curiosity. “I would definitely recommend the Junior Docents Program to other families,” says Marie Quidas, Catherine's mom enthusiastically. “The program has given her responsibility, pride, and confidence.”

Perhaps the program’s most fervent advocate is junior docent Karlee, who explains that the reasons for joining were simple. “My favorite part of being a junior docent is that they let kids actually do this. It’s a great opportunity to learn about culture...and kids get to teach adults! I’ve learned a lot,” she says, after explaining the building’s history to a passing family. “But most of all, that you can make history fun.”

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