G3 Robotics will represent the great State of Michigan at the Super Regional Competition in Iowa. We need your support to help us get there.

Petoskey MI, is a small rural town (POP: 5,707), known more for its million dollar sunsets than its engineering might. But we’re a group of 20 Middle Schoolers who are determined to change this around. We are the Petoskey Robotics Team, Geeks, Gears and Gadgets or G3 as most people call us.

We are 20 dedicated 7th and 8th graders who compete in the US First FTC Robotics Program. In December 2013, we won the Michigan State Championship in Marshall MI. It was super exciting and we were chosen to go to Iowa to represent Michigan at the U.S. First FTC Super Regional Competition with more than 9 other states competing. We are all giving up our Spring Break travel plans and hoping for another win in Iowa. This is where we need your help.

Building a robot and going to competitions is expensive. Every year, we raise money through our community, family and friends. We have some great corporate sponsors and many of the community foundations award us grants. The money we raise pays for us to make it through the State Competition. Now we are looking at a big expense to get from Northern Michigan to Iowa for the 3-day Super Regional Competition.

If we can afford it, each of us is going to pay $100. The cost of this trip will be about $12,000. If you could donate some money to us it will help pay for us to compete. At this tournament, there will also be representatives from colleges and businesses who will want to talk with us about becoming engineers and programmers.

For us, Robotics is our favorite thing to do. Most of us dream of becoming engineers and scientists and being a member of G3 is giving us a jump start. We would really appreciate your support in helping us achieve our dreams.

Thank you for reading our story and thank you even more for your donation.

Please share this link with as many people as possible! If you tell 5 friends, and they tell five friends, and so on, we will reach our goal.

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