The Adopt For Life Center For The Animals is continually in need of funds for Meds, food and general items.

The Adopt For Life Center has so many wonderful volunteers that come every day to make sure the dogs and cats at the shelter are socialized so they stay friendly, loved and adoptable. Being a 501(c)3 it is totally dependent on donations and everyday is a challenge for funding, be it spay and neuter or vacinations there is always something to be done that cost funds. Beside the normal cost of business the animals need, food, water, shelter, heat in the winter and coolers in the summer. Almost daily there are vet visits and twice a week a Dr. will come on site to check all the critters out to ensure they are staying healthy. There are so many other costs that make fundraising a constant battle. Please help these little cuties so they may continue to thrive within the shelter until they find their forever home.

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