Empowering women in Rwanda to rise above poverty through design partnerships & economic opportunities that are dignified & sustainable.

Full Circle Exchange is a non profit social enterprise* dedicated to lifting women out of poverty by creating sustainable economic opportunities. By focusing on poverty reduction through job creation, improved incomes, and access to global markets, job skills and education, we believe that, when equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. Last fall we had the good fortune to meet two women entrepreneurs from Rwanda, sisters, with incomparable strength, faith, and determination. Having been victims, and now survivors of the Rwandan genocide, their organization of 3,000+ women artisans is a true testament to the power of women to overcome horrendous obstacles and to create new opportunities. Through a collaborative partnership, we have developed a new line of products that meet U.S. consumer trends and utilize the skills, materials and designs that are indigenous to Rwandans.

The Izera Collection from Full Circle Exchange

The Izera Collection is a life-changing, new line of eco-friendly apparel, jewelry and accessories featuring a stunning combination of bold prints, natural fibers and recycled paper beads. The beauty of each modern, organic design reflects the beauty and culture of the woman who made it. Produced and inspired by beautiful, creative and resilient brave women in Rwanda, every purchase helps to empower women artisans to rise above poverty through economic opportunities that are sustainable, and dignified.

The Hard part is Done!

  • Establish a partnership with Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) - CHECK
  • Product development – CHECK
  • Materials selected and procured – CHECK
  • Production facility and ethical standards audit complete - CHECK
  • Pre-production samples approved – CHECK
  • Production underway – CHECK
  • Receive commitment from Buyers – CHECK (Ahhhh, big grin of happiness.)

So why Support the Campaign?

We need your help to bring Izera to life. We have identified four key action items that need to be funded and completed before we can call our dream a success.

#1 - Train an addition 150 women in design, market trends, business and management skills.

#2 - Take a U.S. team to Rwanda to provide quality control, packaging and logistical training for long term efficiencies and scalability.

#3 -Bring a Rwandan constituency to the U.S. to be the voice and the face of the collection at events, college campuses and major retailers.

#4 - Produce beautiful,compelling and inspiring POS and marketing collateral and assets.

#5 - Defray shipping costs to bring the first 30,000 pieces to the U.S.retail market

In other words, we need funding to "Bridge the Gap."

Know who made it. Each item will be hand signed by the Artisan.

Each item in the Izera collection will be hand-signed by the woman who made it, giving the consumer a personal connection to the product and its producer.

The Full Circle Exchange website will also feature the artisans’ profiles, thus giving the consumer an opportunity to better understand the positive social impact of each purchase.

Meet Bridgette - She is Creative, Innovative, Resilient and Capable

Before working with Gayaha Links and Full Circle Exchange, Brigitte lived as an orphan. She had no family, no siblings and no reason to live. She bore her children out of rape and did not care about where they went because she had no way of providing for them. After workingat SAME SKY, Brigitte says she now has a reason to live. She can provide for her children, has a new life and family. Her health has also drastically improved. Brigitte is HIV-positive and has suffered from severe migraines after an injury from the genocide. She now has health insurance, is able to visitthe doctor regularly and does not get headaches anymore. Recently, she was able to buy her own house and afford electricity, an accomplishment she is very proud of because she knows her children are taken care of.

“I had nothing but now I am woman, I am a mother and I am someone. Working, being creative has restored my dignity as a woman, it has restored my dignity in my community.”

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