A Guardians greatest gift is to stand in the gap above self to make a difference.

The 501(c) 3 - Friends of Guardians from Above is established and active. Friends of Guardians 501 (c) 3 allows individuals and corporations to donate goods and money to designated Guardian missions. Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Guardians Humanitarian missions

A division within this non profit pertains strictly to private funding for Humanitarian Missions operating as Guardian Group E.M.S. LLC. Visit the web site at:http://www.guardiansfromabove.com

Public Safety Missions Unit:

The Public Safety Missions Unit is composed of highly trained and cross trained former military and police specialists with a deep background in Emergency Managment.

These specilities include Search and Rescue, protective service, combat medics, Incident Command, Instructors for NIMS and Special Air Operations. The Guardians goal is to fill the gaps during crisis or disaster situations under the direction of local or regional public safety agencies.

Humanitarian Division,Guardians From Above LLC

Guardian Group E.M.S. LLC is a privately owned Emergency Management/ Public Safety organization.

Guardian research and development created the first fixed wing airborne Public Address system that uses Power Sonix Speakers. The voice message or siren can be heard for over 2 miles.

In cases involving small children we record the parent’s voice to bring a child out from their hiding place. To date we have saved two small children and four young adults that were lost in remote areas.

In the begining Guardians From Above purchased Public Service radio repeater systems.These systems are privately owned by and licensed to the Guardians and are independent from other systems. The future plans are to extend coverage north to Tillamook Co. email us for any questions at is:guardian337@gmail.com

News Items: Take a ride in the Guardian Skymaster during a News report on Tsunami warnings.


Guardian speaker systems help fine a missing 4 yr. old in the wilderness by using a new airborne speaker. .www.seopressreleases.com/aerial-speaker-system-helps.../7636

"Guardian Oath”

A Guardians greatest gift is to stand in the gap above self to make a difference for humanity.

Our endeavors will help ease the pain of peril of our citizenry in need with every act.

Our moral & ethical values are held at the highest level as examples for all mankind.

Guardians will be vigilant against elements of a criminal or terrorist nature to maintain order for our community and its citizens, these acts will directly support local and regional law enforcement officials.

Guardians will be always faithful to maintain our oath in support of the Guardian motto.


Thank you for considering these efforts for the greater good. You as a donor will become a critical and necssary part of an American effort to make a difference.

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    A Guardians greatest gift is to stand in the gap above self to make a difference.
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