Max is raising money for the Fremont PTA, He ran 29 laps in the Jog-a-thon on 10/19/2012. Please sponsor him!

The Fremont PTA is invaluable so that Fremont can keep it's status as The Best School in the West. The Tanaka family has been at Fremont for 10 years (Max was practically born there) and we have seen public resoruces go down.

The amazing PTA has stepped it up every year to help mitigate the cuts. The PTA sponsors

  • Teacher Aids
  • Field Trips
  • Meet the Master Art Program
  • Drama Club
  • Techonology lab
  • Science lab
  • organic garden,
  • school beautification
  • School Supplies
  • after school clubs
  • Home Reading Club
  • Library Books
  • playground supplies
  • and so much more...

Help us support this amazing school.

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