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Founded in 2001, Freedom Now is a nonpartisan nonprofit that works to free prisoners of conscience worldwide. Recognizing how significantly fundamental freedoms and individual expression contribute to a stable and prosperous society, Freedom Now focuses its efforts on restoring liberty for those imprisoned as a consequence of exercising these internationally-protected rights. Through our efforts, we protect human rights and reinforce transparency and accountability in government. The innovative approach taken by Freedom Now is one of focused individual representation employing sequenced legal, political and public relations elements to help secure a client’s release. Freedom Now is the only organization whose sole mission is to free individual prisoners of conscience and we carry out this effort strategically in both how we select cases and in our targeted activities. In all cases, we represent the prisoner’s family and collaborate with local and international NGOs, influential members of the U.S. and foreign governments, and others we believe can help. Freedom Now works on behalf of individuals in Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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