The Foundation for Seattle Community Colleges engages in fundraising efforts for the Seattle Community College District.

The Seattle Community Colleges are leaders among community and technical colleges and comprise the largest and most diverse community college district in the state, educating nearly 52,000 students each year. The district includes three colleges; Seattle Central, North Seattle and South Seattle, a vocational training institute, SVI, and four specialized training sites.

In 2006, the Foundation for Seattle Community Colleges was formed to embark on a $25 million Power & Promise campaign to build private philanthropic support for our students and faculty to help us meet the challenges of changing economic demands. Through collaboration of the college presidents, the foundations at each of the three colleges, and the district's foundation, the campaign raised more than $34 million for student success, academic excellence and strategic initiatives.

The campaign developed a great sense of pride among our constituencies, including corporations, foundations, organizations, alumni, faculty, staff and students, generating momentum for continued support for the Seattle Community Colleges.

The Foundation continues to pursue strategic opportunities to fund new initiatives and to increase support for students and faculty in the attainment of their educational and professional goals. New funding initiatives include improving student achievement in pre-college math and English and partnering with Seattle Public Schools to improve college preparedness of high school students.

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