The CLF is a non-profit transforming the lives of homeless and at-risk youth & families in Los Angeles-Together!

It is the Children's Lifesaving Foundation's twentieth year of operation, and we need your help to continue supporting teh work w edo with homeless and at-risk youth and families in the LA County area!

Our services are centered on three key, core platforms: LIVING, LEARNING & ENRICHMENT.
The Living program is an integrated approach to domestic support. The Learning program fosters hope
in students striving to achieve their goals. The Enriching program is comprised of activities and events
to provide a sense of normalcy and community throughout the transitional experience for the whole
family, whether the experience is a moving from a shelter into a new home, or apartment, & helping
their children apply for college. These programs are supported by Camp4All, our highly successful
summer camp, and the Vita Network, which provides ongoing, personal assistance to our core group
of families.

Go HERE to read about Mission’s Philosophy, and how the CLF works within the local community to affect change and lasting results.

With features in People Magazine,, an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, the honor of “Non Profit of the Year” (with under $1 million operating budget) by the Los Angeles Business Journal, and an award from Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Foundation, the CLF is becoming more known far beyond the Los Angeles city limits: Won’t you please become a part of spreading the word of our success, and celebrate with us something that is not a victory, but an achievement which we may all share together?

Since 1993, the CLF has been running amazing day-long and overnight camps in the Santa Monica Mountains, and, for the past five years, an amazing Surf Camp4All Program each July & August at Zuma Beach in Malibu.

This great program brings ENTIRE HOMELESS Shelters to teh beach, where they actually learn to Surf, relax with their children and enjoying fun picnics on the beach, and remember what it is like to be a kid again. Living in a homeless shelter is no fun. It can be debilitating to the mind, body and soul.

Remember what it was like to REALLY get be a child? TO be restored and refreshed from an awesome summer vacation or a great day camp experience , spending time in the sun, creating memories, making new friends that you would later keep for the rest of your lives?

These families cannot afford to have such stupendous opportunities... But WE can help restore their lives, give them a bit of hope, and bond them as a family with your wonderful help.

Give today. If you LIVE in the area, you may even VOLUNTEER this very summer- by yourself and meet some great people, with friends, or- have some of your colleagues join you- to see your Donation in Action!

Children and families come from four main homeless shelters in LA's notorious and dismal 'Skid Row,' a place as far from the beach, teh mountains and the gorgeous California lcoastline as you can get, although it's only a half hour bus ride away.

Our Camp4All Program has been recognized and commended by TWO Los Angeles Mayors since 1993, and Founder & President Maria D'Angelo has won countless Citizen of the Year Awards from KADY Television, The City of Malibu, The MLK 'I Have A Dream' Foundation, and many other fine organizations.

You REALLY can make a HUGE difference today, simply by just simply clicking right and below, and making an easy, quick donation to our cause. (In addition, we are in the running to win one of THREE top, cash prizes!)


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