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We provide clothing and other necessities to children, ages 0 to 19, in Nebraska's foster care system.

A typical child in foster care enters the system with nothing more than what she is wearing. No clothes for school tomorrow; no car seat; no diapers. Some of those supplies may eventually be provided by the bio family, or the placement agency may eventually grant a stipend for basic expenses. However those items are often weeks or months away.

Foster families know about this challenge, but that doesn't make it easier to deal with. The children they welcome to their homes need supplies now. That means out-of-pocket expenses that foster families can ill-afford.

Foster Care Closet exists to ease children's entry into foster care by providing them with free new or high-quality used clothing and other necessities. We provide these items quickly after placement, helping to minimize foster families' up-front expenses. Our facility is clean and well-stocked, giving kids and foster families a warm and pleasant "shopping" experience.

Every child we serve receives FIVE complete outfits. Most of the items are new -- complete with original packaging or tags. We can also provide a starter supply of diapers, strollers, car seats, and other non-clothing items.

And we do it all for less than $35 per child.

How? Foster Care Closet works with local and national retailers to purchase sale items in bulk. Savvy shopping combined with generous supply donations and enthusiastic volunteers helps us keep our costs low without sacrificing quality.

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