Beacon House tutors, mentors, and provides cultural and recreational opportunities for low-income, at-risk children and youth.

Beacon House provides a lifeline to hundreds of vulnerable children and youth, ages 5-18. Started in 1991 with no money or resources, Beacon House operates today out of two 6,000 square foot centers in the middle of a large, subsidized apartment complext where the average family income is $20,000. Each day after school 125 children and youth come to our centers to get a nutritious meal, help with their day's homework assignments, and participate in our math and reading tutoring programs. In addition, we provide life skills and college prep mentoring programs, as well as organized athletics. Each year, we are sending more and more high school seniors on to college, university or profressional school, despite high schools that are graduating little more than half its students.

We rely on grants from local and state governments, private foundations, the Combined Federal Campaign, and donations from individuals. Every penny goes to nurture our vulnerable children.

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