We're working to help advocates use international legal protections to make human rights a reality in every country of the world!

The International Justice Resource Center envisions a world where people everywhere can stand up for their fundamental rights.

Many people in the world - who face discrimination, violence, or repression or lack access to schooling, medical care or clean water - see human rights as an unattainable ideal.

But, at the international level, strong legal protections, courts, and human rights monitoring bodies provide powerful opportunities for advocates to push for justice and equality when their own governments are unable or unwilling to guarantee fundamental freedoms.

The International Justice Resource Center was founded in 2011 to help advocates understand and effectively use these international human rights protections, which are unfamiliar to most people. In just three years, we have reached individuals and organizations in 172 countries through our online resource hub, trainings, and technical support.

We've reached 3 people for every $1 donated!

With your help, we can go global! Let's fill the human rights gap in all 193 countries of the world!

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