FFGW is about transforming the fortunes of unwanted kittens & cats. We heal them, find forever homes & if an adoption fails, we begin again.

Because FFGW has no facility, we literally are wherever our volunteers are. This includes more than 50 foster homes where FFGW kitties live as family members until adoption, whether it takes days, months or even a lifetime. On July 22, we learned that Jolly Rancher, an 11 year old kitty who went suddenly blind on the heels of a diabetes diagnosis, has an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors gently explained that because of the tumor’s location, her prognosis is grim. The costs of Jolly Rancher’s emergency hospitalization, neurology consult and MRI were staggering, but the timely diagnosis will help us make good decisions for her care. Rather than launching Jolly Rancher and her foster mom onto the roller coaster of vet visits and testing that always accompanies a diabetes diagnosis, and vainly hoping for the blindness to improve, because of the MRI, we will focus on working with her doctors to make our precious girl as comfortable and happy as possible for as long as possible. The unexpected cost of caring for Jolly Rancher necessarily affects our ability to help other kitties. And at this very moment, one of our rescue volunteers is likely listening to a phone message or reading an e-mail begging for FFGW's help. Won’t you please please support our work and help us continue to change feline fortunes, one precious kitty at a time...?

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