Kids Rock Free provides free and low-cost music education to kids. The KRF Music School at the Fender Museum celebrates performing arts.

Brandon was very nervous to move a new school. It was his family’s 4th move and he was joining middle school. Always rough, especially with no friends. Mom worried even more than he did, so she brought him to Kids Rock Free®. He decided he was interested in drums. He was so good; he joined one of the KRF bands right away.

When the drum instructor picked him for the new drumline, Brandon really began to shine. He made tons of friends, and he’s now the drumline leader. He began sharing his ideas with the KRF staff and helping out at all the shows. He now stands in the front row of the drumline and rocks all their performances. Music has given Brandon the connection he needs and he is sharing that with everyone around him.

Since 1998, Kids Rock Free® has provided free intro lessons to all students 7 – 17 providing music instruction; as well as developing music appreciation and self-confidence through performance. Ongoing lessons are low cost and scholarships are available. Studies show arts education yields better grades and higher academic achievement.

KRF advanced students participate in Combo Band, Choral Group or Drumline and play in the community and on our stages with internationally-known performers.

Kids Rock Free® gifts children with life-long music.

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