Support Team JCFS at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

What inspired you to run/walk the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team JCFS?

Running a marathon has always on my bucket list. I’ve been on involved in athletics my whole life, and ran competitively in college. This year turned 25 and developed a quarter life crisis. I decided that I wanted to cross the marathon off my bucket list.

What program are you running/walking for?

Holocaust Community Services

How does JCFS Redefine What’s Possible? or Describe one moment when you knew that your work with JCFS made a difference in someone’s life?

This year the JUF Women’s Division, where I work, raised over $250,000 to ensure that survivors are able to continue living with dignity thanks to the work of Holocaust Community Services. By helping to raise those funds, I felt like I was doing something to help ease their suffering, and I’d like to continue to help.

What will you be thinking about at mile 20?

Probably what I will be eating for dinner later that night, and for dessert.

What food will you hunt down after the race to replenish those 2600 calories?

Lou Malnati’s pizza and Pinkberry frozen yogurt with strawberry, mango, mochi, and chocolate toppings.

What do you love about running/walking?

Being outside, running along the lake. I love pushing myself and seeing how much farther and faster I can go.

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