EWB-MN focuses on water distribution projects working to provide communities across the globe with clean, safe and plentiful water.

The goal of one of EWB-MN's current projects is to expand the agricultural capacity for the community of Agua Caliente, Guatemala. Over 200 families live and farm in this community and rely heavily on a nearby river to irrigate their crops during the annual dry season. The irrigation system is currently fed by a series of 5 dams, all of which have become very vulnerable to erosion and structural failure over the 40 years they have been in operation.

Our team of EWB-MN engineers is working to improve the safety and efficiency of the current dam system and have visited Agua Caliente twice in 2012 to assess the situation and begin planning.

Now that the EWB-MN team has identified the part of the system that requires the most immediate action (and what needs to be done), they are planning an implementation trip to construct targeted infrastructure improvements for Summer 2013.

Your gift to EWB-MN will support our team as they travel to Agua Caliente to bring their expertise and hard work to this project. This is a critical phase of the project and your gift will help ensure that the families of Agua Caliente live and farm in a safe and productive environment.

EWB-MN has a proven track record, having completed three similar sustainable water projects in Central America. The information below is to EWB National for tax purposes, but rest assured, your donations will go directly to support our continuing mission at EWB-MN.

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