Raising money to help the EWB-CPC Las Cruces project.

I am running in the Karhu 5K Race in Chicago June 9 to help raise money for the Engineers without Borders - USA Chicagoland Professional Chapter in their Las Cruces project.

The team on this project is working to find ways to alleviate flooding in the Las Cruces community in Guatemala. For more information on the project, see http://ewb-usa-chicago.com/las-cruces-guatemala/ . The group also performs well water testing and health assessments.

Moderate and heavy storms cause extensive flooding up to ten feet deep in this community of 18,000 people. Our team has designed a diversion channel to route flows around the town which will dramatically reduce the severity and frequency of flooding problems. Funds raised will help ensure that the project gets built and will greatly help to stabilize the community.

The energy of this chapter to help communities be sustainable and improve their water resources has inspired me to help raise money for the group. Any amount donated will help the project. Thank you!

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