Our mission is to raise funds to support innovative learning in Escondido's public K-8th grade schools.

Hello, everyone, it's time for the 2014 50/50 Together Campaign!! Last year, we met our goal of raising $50,000, and this year we're going for $75,000! There are two ways to participate.

The Dr. Mike Caston Innovation Awards

Funds donated directly to EEF will provide more competitive grants that enrich student learning with creative, hands-on projects proposed by passionate teachers and school teams. There is a ton of information about this program on our website http://escondido-education-foundation.org/9.html

Click on the green box to the right to give now. Thanks!

Alternatively, you may donate to any of the Participating EUSD schools and Programs. To help in this way, go to the Team Page for 50/50 Together 2014 at the link below. There you can search for the school name (e.g. Farr Avenue for 50/50 Together 2014), go to their page and give there. Half of all direct donations will support the cause of that school's choosing, and the other half will support the Dr. Mike Caston Innovation Awards, which benefit all EUSD students and schools. Thanks!


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